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  • Locations: London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms Spring
  • Restrictions: BU applicants only
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Program Type: Group Semester Program Language: English
GPA req.: 2.75 Housing: Off campus apartment
Program Description:
Study abroad and Internship program
Dates: Spring Semester
Where: London, United Kingdom
Cost: $5,500 plus tuition includes round-trip airfare, housing, meals, train passes, and insurance
Consideration: Completed application, GPA at 2.75 or better, clear judicial record

Courses Offered
FIE core courses (students should select 1)
British Life and Cultures CSS 4397 
Britain and Europe PSC 4324 or PSC 4354
British Culture and Media  FDM 4396, or JOU 4350
British Life and Business BUS 3310, INB 3333, MKT 4398
FIE elective courses (students should select 2)
British Broadcasting JOU 3315
British History HIS 4345
British Politics PSC 4324
British Food/Society/Culture
Contemp. British Theatre ENG 4374 or THEA 3341
Creative Writing ENG 3306 or JOU 3389
Transnational Studies HIS 4346
Economics of EU PSC 4v94 or ECO 4v98
Fundamentals of Finance FIN 3309
Environmental Economics ECO 4323
Ethics: Business and World PHI 1308 or 2370
Global Marketing MKT 4325
History of Modern Design HIS 4340
International Diplomacy PSC 4385
International Trade INB 3333
Islam and the West PSC 4379 or HIS 3310
Literary London ENG 3378
London Qualitative Research
Media in Britain FDM 4384
Music in 20th Cent. Britain MUS 2320
Peace & Conflict Resolution PSC 3325
Photojournalism JOU 3356
Principles of Management MGT 3305
Principles of Marketing MKT 3305
Shakespeare Literature ENG 4324
Social Psychology Globally MKT 3325
Social Welfare Issues in UK PSC 4390 or PSC 4V94
Strategic Brand Management  MKT 4340
Understanding Art Through London’s Collections ART 1V91
Internship (students should take 1 worth 3 credit hours; approval from Academic Dean/Department Chair required)
**Pre-approved Baylor course equivalencies are indicated
above. Additional course equivalencies can be obtained.

Program Description
The Baylor in London: FIE program is partnered with the Foundation for International Education (FIE) in London, England.  The program is offered every fall and spring semester and has limited enrollment per semester.
This program is designed for the students with their career in mind. Students will study with British professors at the Foundation for International Education (FIE) in London, England. During the second half of the semester students will participate in an internship.

Students will usually take 3-4 courses plus 3-credits of an internship while studying with Baylor in London FIE. All courses are taught in English. All Students will be required to take at least one of FIE's core courses (see the list of courses).

Students will live in flats located in South Kensington. Every student will be given a tube (subway) pass which allows them to explore the city. They'll find Westminster is just two stops away and the British Museum just a few more stops.

In addition to the tube passes, the program will provide a Britrail Flexi-pass which is good in all of mainland Britain. Not only will students be able to discover London, but Scotland and Wales are within reach!
Internship Information

The international internships at FIE consist of classroom seminars, written reflection and the internship placement. In order to enhance and contextualize the internship, classes are provided to students as a support in order to allow them to develop their understanding of the UK workplace. Students will be assessed on their ability to engage their internship experience. Students will be required to compile a portfolio, deliver a presentation and write a final report. Internship placements can range from small businesses to photography studios to Parliament. Placement will not be made until students arrive in London! Please note that all student internships are unpaid and are for academic credit only.


All students will receive mail at:
3-7 Queen's Gate Terrace
London SW7 5PE

All participants will stay in flats located in historic and charming Kensington, just minutes from the Foundation House. Student residential buildings in this area are usually mid-to late-nineteenth century converted townhouses.

Size and Space:
Rooms differ in size, shape and furnishings. Bedrooms are furnished with twin beds, desks and dressers. Storage space is limited. Since London is a large city in a small area, the roads, houses, and living spaces will be smaller than what you are used to.

Kitchens and Laundry:
Common kitchens in each residence hall are equipped with utensils such as cookware, silverware and dishes. Coin-operated laundry facilities are available at Metrogate for use by FIE residents. FIE will also supply irons and ironing boards.

Rooms are cleaned once a week, and linens are changed once a week as well.

Due to the university's tenancy agreement policy in London, and because having guests compromises the comfort of your roommates, overnight guests are not allowed. If you are expecting friends or relatives, the office in London can suggest hotels or hostels in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is FIE?

A:  Established in 1998, the Foundation for International Education (FIE) is a private, independent, non-profit educational exchange organization based in London, England offering programs for college undergraduate students. Their specialized academic and internship programs allow visiting students to maximize the value of their stay, gaining theoretical knowledge, practical skills, life experience and an international perspective.

Q: Are the international internships paid?

A: No. To satisfy the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate requirements, all  placements are unpaid.

Q: Who will be teaching the classes?

A: FIE's faculty bring specialist knowledge of a wide range of fields, and between them have many years of experience in teaching international students and making the most of the learning opportunities offered in London.   The highly experienced FIE faculty adopt an approach that utilizes a range of learning activities. In addition to class-based lectures, seminars and workshops, students are guided on field trips to explore the practical dimensions of their courses.

Q: What computer facilities are available?

A: The Metrogate Study Centre PC Lab is dedicated to open access and general use on a 24/7 basis. The facility contains 32 PCs equipped with the full range of Microsoft Office professional applications, and gives students fast and unrestricted online connectivity through a 567Kbps upload and 8Mbps download speed. All PCs are connected to laser printers and scanner dedicated to student use.

Q: How much money should I bring?

A: Estimated expenses vary widely on the person.  How much you spend will depend on your lifestyle, such as how much you eat out and travel during your free time. We recommend you budget between $150 and $200 each week for food and personal expenses.  Expect to spend double the amount you would here in the U.S.

Q:  What’s the best “phone plan” for students?

A: Many students buy prepaid phone cards to call home from the U.K.  You can also contact your phone company and set up a temporary long-distance plan.  Students also may purchase mobile phones in the  U.K.  They are the easiest, cheapest way to communicate locally and abroad.  Pay-as-you-go phones are available for around £50.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 10/01/2018
10/01/2018 01/01/2019 04/28/2019

Indicates that deadline has passed

This program is currently not accepting applications.