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BearsAbroad & VPN

If you are FACULTY or STAFF and cannot log into the system, you must remember that you must be logged into VPN. If you find you are still having trouble, please e-mail the study abroad office at or if you are part of a Missions program.
First-time Baylor Users
When you are logging into the system for the first time, click "Login" at the top right. You will then be able to create a profile.

First-time Non-Baylor Users
To obtain system access for specific programs contact:
  • For Study Abroad programs contact or 254-710-2657.
  • For Mission Trips contact or 254-710-3517.
  • Exchange programs will not be open to NON-Baylor participants unless given permission by the Baylor Study Abroad Advisor.
Returning Users
  • Baylor Faculty, Staff, & Students: Click the Login button on the top right.
  • Non-Baylor Users or Retired Faculty/Staff: Click the Non-BU Login button on the top right.


Clearing Your Cache

If you are having issues logging into the system, make sure you clear your browser's cache. BearsAbroad stores your attempts to login and will continue to consider incorrect login attempts until your cache is cleared.

  • Google Chrome:
    1. Click on the menu (three dots at the top right)  
    2. History 
    3. Clear browsing data
    4. Check the “Cached images and files” 
    5. Click clear data
  • Safari:
    1. ​​Keyboard shortcut [CMD] + [ALT] + [E] OR
    2. Click "Safari" on the top left
    3. Select Preferences
    4. Click Advanced
    5. Check "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
    6. Click Develop on the menu bar
    7. Click "Empty Caches"
  • Firefox:
    1. Click on the menu (three lines at the top right) 
    2. Options
    3. Privacy & Security 
    4. Scroll down to History 
    5. Click Clear History
    6. Check the “Cache” box 
    7. Click clear now
  • Internet Explorer:
    1. Click on the Tools icon (at the top right)
    2. Internet Options
    3. Under Browsing History click delete  
    4. Select the “Temporary Internet files and website files" and “Cookies and website data”
    5. Click delete